October 8

Pulled Over

     We’re coming back home from Florida, it’s 6 o’clock in the morning. My mother is driving, I awake from a deep slumber, there are flashing red and blue lights behind us. My mother is getting pulled over, I don’t worry because it’s happened a couple of times. When the cop came up to the window on my father’s side, the cop starts asking my mother for her license and registration. My mother tells him that the vehicle is a rental, we rented a black GMC, the cop states the rental has expired but my mother says we bought two more days. He told my mom to step outside the vehicle into his patrol car. My mother does what she is told. When she came back, she only had a warning.

     We ask her in curiosity, “What happened?” My mother tells us that the cop asked if we had narcotics, that’s when we all remember the color of our skin and what the US views us as. My mother laughs it off though, she told the officer that they had alcohol in a cooler in the trunk. The officer told my mother that’s not what he was looking for. He proceeded to ask my mother if she’s ever went to jail, she told him no that she hasn’t. She told him that she hopes she never will, she told him that my father has been in jail.

     He immediately asks why has my father gone to jail, he was speeding one day coming home from work and saw that many men were in the truck. They were all hispanics, they were detained because the others in the truck didn’t have their licences on them. My mom went to go pick them up from the place they were detained at. I remember that night my sister and I were under our parents bed, listening to my mother, when she got the call from my dad that he was being detained. We were young we didn’t understand why they’d detain him if he didn’t do anything wrong. My mother proceed to tell the cop that he didn’t do anything wrong. That was the last question he asked my mother. We just brushed off what happened to us, we just know it won’t be the last time it’ll happen to us. We just hope we don’t have a bad experience with anyone who is a overly aggressive racist.

May 24

Catalog Poem

you’ve cut the yard

watered the plants

fertilized the grass

or sometimes you just sit there in front of the addicting technology we all drown into

or just lay in bed trying to forget the world you live in that can put you down at times

you just go through a whole day

maybe just waiting to shower till the next day

you’re just so tired that you fall asleep in bed

you’ve left a funky scent on the bed

you just wake up so early in the morning to take a simple shower

when showering you check if the water temperature is right

if not it’s either so hot that you yelp of the burning feeling

if it’s too cold you jump like a cat has been frighten to death

showering is so hard

you need to have the nerve and patience to find the shampoo

especially if the bottle drops on your foot

my gosh that’s one of the worst things

you’ve heard how people fall in the shower and bust their head open

have you ever thought?

“man that can happen to me at anytime”

then you shower in fear of falling

just some days are so dang good you sing in the shower so loud and clear

that your parents tell you to shut up of how horrible your singing voice is

there’s some showers you are just not in the mood to take one

you just shower so slowly

that the hot water runs out

by then you’re shivering

regretting not of hurrying up

it gets you in a even more grumper mood then you were

have y’all ever had one of those showers that are so freaking amazing???

such a relaxing of a shower that you just want to stay in forever

sadly you can’t because your mom is yelling for you to get of the shower

when you get out of the shower you’re sleepy all over again

you walk to your bed to take a nap since you have nothing to do

you wake up

shoot it’s morning I have to shower all over again



May 18


I feel like a blank space

I’m this glowing white color

I exist but at the same time I’m not seen

I’m 2 dimensional I look useless as a piece of trash but in reality your life depends on me.

November 22

Susan Weil Art

The human is looking at me. He/she looks confused at of how I look. I am wearing a bathing suit, i’m a thick girl. I’m drawn lightly showing the confidence I have about my body. Little parts were eaten away from people’s harsh words. I look away, afraid of people judging my body. But I don’t care anymore even a little broken i’ll show my body that I cherish a lot. Many think I’m not a beautiful art piece. At the same time there’s so few that see me as if I am their boost of confidence of their own body. I just show that no matter what body size you are, you’re still beautiful.


Untitled Susan Weil 1948